State Commission Staff Tutorial
Login at:


State Commission staff can view data collected from program directors, supervisors and members using this system


WHAT CAN Commission Staff DO?


Login Screen for State Commission Staff:

Text Box: The text on the home page is editable by staff upon logging into the system…

















Text Box: Calendar items are editable by staff upon login…
















Calendar page







Text Box: Resource page can be edited as well, upload files and images for use by program directors…
Including forms.

Resource page










Text Box: Update Data:
Enter information for display on website pages..
also add new programs and directors
Update Data page



Text Box: Contact info for all state commission staff


Staff Directory, from side bar navigation















Text Box: View Reports:
This is where you access the data collected by members, supervisors and program directors…


Commission; View Reports page



Text Box: Program Directory:
One of the reports available

State Programs and links to websites






Text Box: Detail from Site Directory:
This data pulls from the records created and updated by program directors.


Statewide Site Directory report



Text Box: Detail from User Directory:
Shows all members, supervisors, coordinators and program directors in the state, links to their contact records and progress reports (members)



Statewide System users, all program participants and contact information (when clicked on)






Text Box: Dashboard View:
Recruiting status, pulls data from Program directors  entries ---as they recruit members…


Recruitment screen, across the state, by program








Text Box: Member Retention dashboard view:

Data is pulled from
member records,  which are updated by PD’s
(status: active, exited, etc…)


Member retention page: dashboard view

Text Box: Detail: hours served by members, data is pulled from member timesheets, displayed by program.



Member hours served to date






Program Director Tutorial
Login at:


Program directors will see the ServeMinnesota Extranet home page, calendar and resources pages.

Once they login to the system, they are inside their program reporting area.





Extranet Welcome Screen



This is the initial screen you’ll see after you log in as a Program Director.


Note there is now a menu of options available on the left hand side of the screen:


Update Data

View Reports

My Director Profile


Log Out


You will also see your program logo on the top of the page once you log in.


View Reports


This area is where program directors can view reports filed by supervisors, review timesheets from members, and access member submitted reports such as member stories and Civic Engagement reports.


Also in this area, PD’s can enter volunteer mobilization progress, supervisor and other in-kind information, and record Best Practices.





View: The Main Update Data page




When you select this menu item, you can add and update program-specific information in the reporting system.


This menu page is where you’ll also find links to Update home page, calendar and resources pages--pages that your supervisors and members see when they visit your program website.


Your programs’ Member Progress reports are located within Update Members.






View: The Update Members page





Update Members


This is where you add new members, edit member records, and view or update member progress reports.


In most cases, supervisors will fill out member progress reports, but program directors and regional coordinators can do this too if necessary.



View: This Member Progress page shows the
Volunteers Mobilized report form...



Each Member Progress Report contains the following forms:


• Volunteers Mobilized By Member

• Community Volunteer Activities

• Member Service Hours

• In-Kind Supervisor Hours

• Approve/Review Member Timesheet

• Civic Engagement Activities

• Member Stories


View:Update  Program Progress page









Update Program Progress


This form will allow you to update your programs’ progress on up to 5 performance measures, tied to specific service activities.


The reporting form* will ask for # of people served this reporting period, activities, and progress toward meeting performance measures as included in your original program grant proposal.


(***under development)




View: Update Home Page




Update Home Page Content



This screen shows all the items on your home page that you’ve already entered into the system.


You can edit a posting, or delete it, or add a new posting:




Add Home Page Content


View: Update Home Page/ Add Home Page Content



****If you know HTML you can format your text

This is what a finished program home page might look like!

Here is how to create home page postings (Content)



Update Home Page

Select Add Home Page Content

1. Name the content “element”.

2. Create a headline for you’re this posting (this will show up BOLD)

3. Add a URL if you want.

4. Add a photo (GIF or JPEG if you want), make sure it is no larger than 300X300 pixels (approx).

5. The display order determines where this article or posting lands on the page. (10 is first, 20 second…so on)

6. Add your text to the description area.

7. Hit the submit button on the bottom of the screen (not shown above)






Go to your program home page and check your work!




Program Director
Timesheet Approvals & Records

View: Completed and approved timesheet
(inside a member progress report/timesheet section)


Timesheet Report


On the VIEW REPORTS/ Timesheet page, there will be the ability to see all submitted and approved timesheets for each reporting period.


The timesheet system is designed as follows:

1. Members log into your program site and fill out/submit timesheets every 2 weeks, as per your payroll periods.


2. An email is then sent to their supervisor for approval.


3. Once approved, an “approved” message appears on each member timesheet stored in the system.








Regional Coordinators

Login at:




Everything a program director can do…but only for members and supervisors assigned to their region. See program director section for instructions…



(Program Directors assign members each regional coordinator within the site record)




































Site Supervisor Tutorial

Supervisors log in at:


Once they login, Supervisors see their own programs’ home page, calendar and resources pages.













Once logged in, supervisors will see their program homepage, calendar and resources (just like members do).



They will also see a menu on the left which will let them:













View: Update Members Page


View: Update Members/Member Progress Report




A list of all your members will display on this page, select Member Progress Report to access their reports data
















Member Progress Report


(Enter data for each member individually)


• Volunteers Mobilized By Member

• Member Service Hours

• In-Kind Supervisor Hours

• Approve/Review Member Timesheet

• Civic Engagement Activities

• Member Stories


Timesheet Approval System: Supervisors


Inside the member progress reports,
select the timesheet you want to see


Timesheet System Process


Once members have entered their entire timesheet for the reporting period, they should AUTHORIZE AND SUBMIT that timesheet.


Once they do, an email will come to the supervisor of record, who needs to approve the timesheet.  To do this, just click on the link in your email, which will take you to the login page. Next, log into the system using your supervisor username and password, and the link will bring you to the specific timesheet that needs your attention.




If you agree with the members timesheet information, simply hit “I approve this timesheet” at the bottom of the page.


Once you approve the timesheet, your regional coordinator or program director will get an email that shows the timesheet was approved. Their message will include the name of the member, site, supervisor and date approved. Program directors can print this out for member files, or to use for payroll purposes.


***Supervisors and PDs can look through all member timesheets within the system.




To Approve /Review Timesheets


Member Progress Report/ Approve /Review Member Timesheets


When a member logs into the system and fills out a timesheet, they can either SAVE it or AUTHORIZE AND SUBMIT the timesheet.           





Multiple Supervisors




If a member reports to multiple supervisors, each must approve the completed timesheet. Each supervisor of record will get the same email asking them to authorize the timesheet.





If you have questions about any of the hours, contact your member to resolve any issues. ONLY YOUR MEMBER CAN CHANGE THEIR TIMESHEET, but they will not have an APPROVED timesheet until you authorize it.

If you DID NOT get email notice of a timesheet a member said they submitted, you can still log into the system, select UPDATE MEMBERS/ PROGRESS REPORTS/APPROVE/and then REVIEW MEMBER TIMESHEET.

You will see all member “authorized”/ finished timesheets using the pull-down menu, and can approve the timesheet here.

If the email notice did not reach you, first make sure we have the correct email address for you in your supervisor record (MY SUPERVISOR PROFILE). You can change your email address if it is incorrect.


If your email address is correct, but you did not get the email, it might have been filtered out as SPAM by your network email administrator or ISP. Contact whoever is managing your email address and make sure they know you need to get these emails.


If this is not the issue, it may be that your member SAVED their timesheet but did not AUTHORIZE AND SUBMIT it…



If none of these seems to be the cause, call or email your program director to report a problem in the timesheet system. Make sure you send along the following information:


  • Name of member
  • Name of supervisor
  • Date of timesheet submission


If the program director cannot solve the problem, they will contact their Serve Minnesota program officer, who will work with the vendor to fix the problem.




Time Sheet Entered - Catherine TestSupervisor - Aug 08, 2007 - Aug 14, 2007

Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 15:52:17 -0500

From: <>




Minnesota Reading Corps

Supervisors: Please follow this link to approve a timesheet for the following Minnesota Reading Corps AmeriCorps member:


Member: Test Member

Supervisor: Catherine Test_Supervisor

Week: Aug 08, 2007 - Aug 14, 2007

Time Sheet Submitted On: 7/29/2007 3:52:17 PM

© 2007 Serve Minnesota



Example: Here is the email notice sent from the system to the supervisor following authorization by the member.




View: Supervisor Reports Page





These are reports that supervisors can access*:


• Members Report

• Timesheet Report

• Volunteers Mobilized

• Civic Engagement Activities

• Hours Served by AC Members

• Supervisor In-Kind Hours

• In-Kind Donations/Services

• Member Stories

• Best Practices



Reports format under development























Member Tutorial

Members log in at their own program’s website


Program Websites URLs: Admission Possible  AmeriCorps Building Community AmeriCorps READS   City of Lakes Community Technology Empowerment Project   MN Reading Corps  MN Alliance for Youth (Promise Fellows)  Multicultural Communities in Action Partners in Service to America People Active in Revitalizing America  True North AmeriCorps Work in Progress        




This is the home page for the program website.



Members don’t need to login to see the homepage or the calendar or resource pages….



Once they do log in, they can access their timesheets and the reporting tools.


If you forgot your login, but have an email within your record, use this feature to have it sent to you…







Once a member is logged in, they see this menu on the left hand side of the screen:




My Stories

Civic Engagement

Community Volunteer Activities

My Member Profile


Log Out


Some programs members will see additional tools, such as the CTEP Assessment Module, and the MRC Tutor Report. These are program specific customizations within the reporting system.





View: Timesheets Page/ Select Reporting Period




This page shows the accumulated hours to date, and lets the member select the pay period for which they are submitting a timesheet.

















Multiple Supervisors


If you accidentally pull up a timesheet that was already submitted, you will see this warning.




If a member reports to multiple supervisors, each must approve the completed timesheet. Each supervisor of record will get the same email asking them to authorize the timesheet.














TIMESHEETS, entering your hours and activities


Members must enter their hours and a description of service activities into the system using this form.



Members can save their timesheet until it’s completed using the  (SAVE) feature.

Once complete, they send it to their supervisor (or program director) for approval by simply hitting AUTHORIZE AND SUBMIT on or before the due date.



*If there is a discrepancy, members need to work it out with their supervisor. Only members can update a timesheet and re-submit it for approval.



This screen alert will display to confirm for member that they are indeed submitting a final timesheet to their supervisor…




Other main menu tools available to MEMBERS after login:



Members can also fill out “member stories”, community volunteer activities, and civic engagement activities using the reporting tools.



Members can also update their profile if they move or change a phone # or email address, but cannot change many of their profile fields.